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When Justin K Thannhauser 1892 1976 brought is collection of modern art to the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in 1965 it was is crowning achievement after than a alf century as one of Europe's most influential and distinguished collectors And Dealers The Collection's dealers The collection's beueathal to the Guggenheim in 1978 represents a watershed moment for the museum today its Thannhauser Collection constitutes the core of the Guggenheim's impressionist postimpressionist and School of Paris oldings including 32 works by Pablo PicassoThis volume presents

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Thannhauser CollectionHe astonishing collection in full offering a concentrated survey of works by such modern masters as Braue Czanne Degas Gauguin Manet Picasso Pissarro and modern masters as Braue Czanne Degas Gauguin Manet Picasso Pissarro and Gogh among others Throughout artworks are given rich context and detail with On The Cultivation Of Vegetables historical installation views andigh tech conservation images Short essays on collection ighlights by current and former Guggenheim curators and conservators illuminate the artists' stylistic innovations as they To Liberate Art From liberate art from genres and techniues The book also features extensive technic. Al analyses offering rare insight into the artists' materials and processes based on the latest advances in conservation technology A lead essay by Megan Fontanella recounts the genesis of Thannhauser's collection and its eventual transfer to the Guggenheim Museum Tracing is Ambitious Career As Gallerist career as gallerist collector in Europe during the interwar years and into the calamity of World War II she explores The Pictorial Grammar how Thannhauser's lifelong support for experimental art and eye for original talentelped define the modernist vanguard of 20th century art.

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