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Excerpt from London Past and Present Vol 1 of 3 Its History Associations and TraditionsThe year 1850 when the Handbook was last issued Southwell S Sphere exactly divides the nineteenth century in half butually it divides off a period of little change from one almost of revolution Although before 1850 great changes such as the formation of Regent Street in 1813 1820 and of New Oxford Street in 1847 had been carried out yet large districts of London still remained unalteredAs property however grew in value it was found that the On The Principles Of Taxing Beer enhanced value made it profitable torect handsome buildings in place

poor houses and the City gradually rebuilt In time the same process was carried out City was gradually rebuilt In time the same process was carried out the West End and dwelling houses were turned into offices while the suburbs in conseuence increased in x. ,
Tent owing largely to reuirements OF THE SHOPKEEPER WHO LEFT HIS the shopkeeper who left in town to the undisputed claims of businessBut this rebuilding is not all that has to be considered Institutions have been altered and charities reorganised to an xtent that is only fully recognised by one who has worked on this subject Every attempt has been made to note all these changes and to bring the information up to the date of publicationMr Cunningham in his Preface xpressed his thanks to the many gentlemen who had assisted him in the compilation of his work and among these are
distinguished names as the Right John Wilson Croker; Mr Samuel Rogers the poet; Mr Lockhart Earl Stanhope Mr Forster; and Mr T Hudson Turner I too wish to xpress my cordial thanks to those who have assiste. London, Past and Present, Vol. 1 of 3