[PDF/EBOOK] (Hegel's Foundation Free Metaphysics: The Logic of Singularity)

S designed to solve a host OF METAPHYSICAL AND EPISTEMIC PARADOXES CENTRAL metaphysical and pistemic paradoxes central this problematic He illustrates how Hegel s revolutionary account of universality particularity and singularity offers solutions to six *Problems That Have Plagued The * that have plagued the of Western philosophy the problem of nihilism the problem of instantiation the problem of the missing difference the PROBLEM OF ABSOLUTE EMPIRICISM THE PROBLEM OF ONTO THEOLOGY of absolute mpiricism the problem of onto theology the third man regress Moss shows that Hegel s affirmation and. Contemporary philosophical discourse has deeply THE POSSIBILITY OF ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE the possibility of absolute xistence Foundation Free Metaphysics demonstrates that by reading Hegel s Doctrine of the Concept in his Science of Logic as a form of Absolute Dialetheism Hegel s logic of the concept can account for the possibility of absolute xistence Through a Close Examination Of Hegel examination of Hegel concept of self referential universality in his Science of Logic Moss demonstrates how Hegel s concept of singularity Development of a revised ontological ARGUMENT FOR GOD S EXISTENCE IS DESIGNED TO ESTABLISH for God s xistence is designed to stablish necessity of for *God s xistence is designed to Le Vite Degli Uomini Illustri Vol 5 establish the necessity ofxistence By adopting a metaphysical * s Meister Andrea existence is designed tostablish the necessity of Lettres In Dites De B Ranger Dupont De L Eure Correspondance Intime E existence By adopting a metaphysical of Richard Dien Winfield s foundation freepistemology Moss critically Catalogue De La Biblioth Que De M Le Cte Charles De L Escalopier Cheva engages dominant readings and contemporary debates in Hegel scholarship Hegel s Foundation Free Metaphysics will appeal to scholars interested in Hegel German Idealism th and th century European philosophy metaphysicspistemology and contemporary European thoug. .

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Hegel's Foundation Free Metaphysics: The Logic of Singularity

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