EBOOK (Wattle Daub) ¼ Brian Coughlan

To their circumstances or lse striving to make sense of their own shortcomings and disappointments Dragged forward by an ar twisting narrative force the stories In This Debut Collection this debut collection and stretch into truly new directions Unsettlingly funnybleak backgrounds inform wattle daub and introduce singular oddball characters to a coldly unconcerned world Every

is mined with humour sympathy blistering language that mark Brian Coughlan as a uniue fabricator of short tale. ,
A young woman's fear of The Living Thing In The living thing in the of her living thing in the walls of her An office based streaker with an #Axe To Grind A #to grind A attending a prayer meeting Automatons that finally recognise their creator The historically inaccurate account of a disgraced 13th century crusader A terminally ill man resorting to hypnotism to uit smoking A letter from a cursed man who refused to buy a round of drinks at a wedding The madness of an isolated couple infecting a lonesome state agent .
Human resources describes office conflict taken a step three too far An aged altar boy recalling his days on the pulpit The couple who conceive an clock and must deal with its constant alarmist nature A brain dying man recalls his last receding memories of a run down funfair In Wattle daub the world is a mysterious menacing and peculiar place Characters inhabit their individualized zones with a mixture of ignorance and apprehension ver at the mercy of changes.

Brian Coughlan Æ 8 Read

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Wattle Daub