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Interwoven with a sub plot concerning Thoroughgood s own godson becoming a convert to Islam and worries he may become adicalisedNot exactly edge of the seat but it will keep you turning the pages I enjoyed this book It had a pace and will keep you turning the pages I enjoyed this book It had a pace and flow that I liked It started with a party and introduced a host of characters including cleverly providing backstory about our protagonist s wife and in chapter two getting straight into suspicions all over the

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For once have ead the latest book in a I have enjoyed Alan Judd s work in the past he is an excellent writer But I found Accidental Agent weighed down by procedural detail and ather short on thrills. Uthoritative and packed with in depth knowledge  Accidental Agent  is a gripping new spy thriller from a master of the genre ‘Judd infuses his writing with insider knowledge’ New Statesman 'Wonderful One of the best spy novels ever' Peter Hennessey on Legacy 'Belongs to the classic tradition of spy writing' Guardian 'Judd has an infallible grasp of intelligence' Spectat. ,

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 Foul Means  Renters Rights
First book I have How To Get Started Selling Your Art read by this author and it will not be the lastHighlyecommended This is a very contemporary spy story set in the wake of the 2016 Brexit eferendum MI6 is forbidden from spying on the EU but when head of the service Charles Thoroughgood discovers that his deputy has been holding clandestine meetings with a senior Brussels official the opportunity "to gain an edge in the negotiations to leave the EU is "gain an edge in the negotiations to leave the EU is good to pass upThis is a procedural spy thriller very much in the leCarre mould and Judd paints a convincing picture of civil service bureaucracy banging heads with operational espionage concerns The main story is also skilfully. Om lines to one of his officers Charles has to eport it   Whitehall is eager for but as the case develops Charles ealises that it may not be uite what it appears  At the same time he finds he has a family connection with a possible terrorist whom MI5 want checked out  In both Cases Charles Is Forced To Become His Own Agent Seeking Charles is forced to become his own agent seeking he eally does not want to find  A. The Accidental AgentAs a spysecret agent book the author seems to know His Stuff There Are Dull Moments And Gripping Moments With stuff There are dull moments and gripping moments with clandestine meetings traveling around and general operational information just enough to make it all very believable I m not sure why there is a subplot about the godson and Syria which made the ending a bit inconclusive for me A good ead otherwise Well written atmospheric beautifully esearched and WRITTEN BY SOMEONE WHO HAS A by someone who has a knowledge of the murky world of espionage this is an exceptionally good spy thriller that grabbed my attention from the outside and took me on a deeply satisfying ide to its eventual conclusionThis is the. 'Plotting in the best le Carré tradition' Mail on Sunday From the author of Legacy now a major BBC Film and The Kaiser's Last Kiss comes a brilliant new novel for fans of John le Carre and Charles Cumming Brexit looms and Charles Thoroughgood Chief of MI6 is forbidden for political The Culture Of Middle Earth reasons from spying on the EU  But when an EU official volunteers the EU’s negotiating bott.

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