PDF Sukhoi Su–27 30/33/34/35 AUTHOR Yefim Gordon

To love. 27UB two seat combat trainer together with the fforts of Sukhoi to keep them up to date with of Sukhoi to keep up to date with mid upgrades to Generation 4' Su 35S level The operational histories of Su 27 versions including the Su 30Su 34Su 35 are also describedWhen the Soviet Navy decided to bolster its fleet with carriers optimized for conventional take off and landing CTOL aircraft Sukhoi responded by developing the Su 27K which later ntered service as the Su 33 Russia's first operational CTOL shipboard fighter These naval variants are included in the book as is a chapter describing the story of how China purchased license manufacturing rights for the Su 27 and went on to develop its own vers. You have. The Sukhoi Design Bureau was tasked in 1969 with developing a fourth generation heavy "fighter and thus began the story of the Su 27 known to the western world "and thus began the story of the Su 27 known to the western world the Flanker an aircraft which turned out to be one of the most successful Soviet fighter designsThis book tells the story of how the original project developed how the final configuration of what was known as the T 10 was selected and why the brave decision to scrap the original project and rework it as the T 10S was taken a decision that proved to be justified The book covers the design and testing of the prototypes in both configurations the Production Entry Of The Basic entry of the basic 27 single seat fighter and the Su. Aerospace. Ions with indigenous avionics and weapons including the basic J 11 fighter and the J 15 Flying Shark a clone of the fighter and the J 15 Flying Shark a clone of the 33The post Soviet republics included the Su 27Su 30Su 34Su 35 family has seen service with nearly 20 nations including places as far apart as Vietnam Malaysia Ethiopia

Indonesia Angola India And VenezuelaThe 
Angola India and VenezuelaThe describes in depth the development and operational career of the Su 27 family including mid life upgrades and the latest variants and features detailed fleet lists Richly illustrated with color photographs line drawings and color profiles of the various color schemes carried by the type this is the definitive work on a truly outstanding aircra. .
Sukhoi Su-27 30/33/34/35

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