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D to a Themyscira like BUBBLE STORIES THIS ISSUE #bubble stories in this ponder what world would be like Who would women be without men What would we do How would we learn lead struggle What would our values be like Would automatic Matriarchy be any betterworsedifferent than automatic PatriarchyLet's explore this mythical terrain togethe.

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A World Without MenFemale and female identified writers share their ideas about what A World Without Men would look like including the good the bad and the likely unforeseenWe live in a World That Daily Tells that daily tells we #are not good enough Worse that we never WILL be good enough because we are #not good enough Worse that we never WILL be good enough because we are men It’s not that we are simply different whether biolo. ,

Gically or emotionally We are class simply becauseBlack Heart invites to envision a world where women are NOT second simply because So whether this means that all men simply tomorrow they are somehow mysteriously killed off they’re abducted by man hungry space aliens or we ladies are magically transporte.