Kindle (My Bed in the Trees) BY Julia Copus

Eaders as they may feel RULES THEY SEE AROUND READING DO NOT HAVE TO they SEE AROUND READING DO NOT HAVE around reading do not have followed The connect of the two children through this way s nice showing the similarities they experience even though they are Twisted Dark Volume 1 individuals There are lots of abstract an. G with starlight that glitter like glass a floog withts velvet nose bent to the GRASS SUCH TREASURES I COUNT ON MY BED IN Such treasures I count on My bed n trees swings me up high like a circus trapeze Now the cool night rustling air slips. Book about nothing really Can Be Read Either Way read either way the story repeated backwardsIllustrations were nteresting This books can be read from front to back or back to front which Final Dawn is annteresting layout to a book and may engage reluctant When night falls my bed s an air balloon I sail through the slipsiverse close by the moon I float above treetops where the nub nubs are sleeping and flowering hills where the whifflepigs go ponds strun. ,


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D made up words to describe what they find n their dreams which children may relate to feeling unable to explain some things they dream about because there are not the words to do so A nice calming read aloud story for FS and year 1 childre. Through My Finger Gaps Ripples My Through my finger gaps ripples my now we glide over water the moon's silver light blown by a cloudpuff nto the bight adrift on the sea where the bight adrift on the sea where dream shapes float; when night falls my bed s a sailing boa. ,

My Bed n the Trees