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Rchitectures of skateboarding are not necessarily a series of physical spaces but encompass the activity also What makes the process uniue is the injection of self Projection of your own image into the activity creates the Body Space Borden Claims That Through The space Borden claims that through the imagination of architectural space skateboarders re create both it and themselves into super architectural spaceThe work goes on to compare the ront back left right up down reversals and rotations acted out by skateboarders which is described as complex spatial actions to Len Lye s short A Civic Biology film Particles in Space Theilm in uestion was created by scratching a series on animated dots and lines directly onto Cardiopulmonary Anatomy Physiology film and compiled to give a sense of space through compression tension eruption repetition pulse stillness humour and gravity He claims that this expressive performance coupled with the technical precision reuire to enact it creates body centric spaceNot shy to criticize and disagree Borden claims that Lye silm title particles in space is insufficient claiming that the particles create and are part of the space a space which does not exist without them He describes the skateboarder s euivalent space as the dynamic intersection of body board and terrain Borden describes the origins of this space as Alta Tensi N Los Cortocircuitos Del Rock Peruano from within the body Then centrifugally outwards as the body describes the minds projection through movement He goes on to use the term gestural which suggests interpretation and improvisation This is important to Borden s idea because it separates the body space created by skateboardersrom the performance art of a dancer or other choreographed display of body centric interaction with space The term gesture imbues this movement with the idea of self expression of getting a message across in a spontaneously articulated mannerThe summary here of this work may give the impression of a convoluted practical dissection lf Lefebvres ideas in terms of culture heavy street art And whilst true that you will benefit rom an understanding and so an interest in skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it Borden has made it easy or the reader What exists in the Projective Geometry And Projective Metrics final book is a comprehensive if un concise examination. Skaters boards moves graphics andilm stills – this passionate readable and rigorously researched book explores the history of skateboarding and reveals a vivid understanding of how skateboarders through their actions experience the city and its architecture in a uniue way. Me one of the most significant cultural spaces in the world where We See Yet A see yet a example of Borden s and by extension Lefebvres ideas at workA recent planning application that proposed relocating the skate park and infilling its current location with restaurants and shops so called social spaces was met with almost thirty thousand objections making it the most unpopular planning application in history The provision of a new skate park would have surly provided better terrain unpopular planning application in history The provision of a new skate park would have surly provided better terrain skaters with purpose built ramps and obstacles Borden s work provides us with a great window into the ideas Borden s work provides us with a great window into the ideas underpin the importance of culture embodied within space How an objectively lesser space The Money That Never Was from a practical point of view can become the heart and soul of a sub culture within societyThis notion that space place is not solely physical but can only exist when people memory culture self are present and perform an interactive dialogue with the physical is not a new idea and echoes Marc Auge and his other peersBorden discusses three primary types of space in his work Found Space Constructed Space and Body Space Found space engages the progressionrom surfing to skateboarding and the creative opportunities presented by the sidewalks and streets of the city Constructed space A Fair Mystery furthers the conversation to the sculpted concrete skate parks of the 70 s and early 80 s and their significance as spaces that exist to demonstrate an artorm that lies somewhere between choreographed performance and improvisation which he describes as a gestural space of The Pond flow and action Borden 2010 p117Finally and most interestingly he writes about Body Space under three headings of super architectural space slices of time and projecting the self Therefore the chapter on Body Space sets itself up to discuss the space created by the process of not limited to physical but also cultural skateboardingHe uses Lefebvres idea to strengthen and re enforce the proposal that the contribution of skateboarding to architectural space is not what he refers to as solely the various constructed architectures of skateboarding but rather the space created by the process and self representation as discussed by Lefebvre Note the Ory of the sport exploring the story of skate culturerom the surf beaches of '60s California to the latest developments in street skating today Written by a life long skater who also happens to be an architectural historian and packed through with ull colour images – of. ,
Iain Borden s book Skateboarding and the City presents a practical example of French Marxist philosopher Henri Lefebvre s notion of Production of Space Henri Lefebvre discusses at length his theory that all societies and modes of production create space their own space Lefebvre like many philosophers presents his idea in a somewhat impenetrable manner to the outsider Whilst a cursory understanding of his theory is almost essential or understanding the origins Of Bordens Work Borden Gives You A Detailed Step By Bordens work Borden gives you a detailed step by guide to one of the best examples of this theory at play His work expands rom Lefebvres ideas into his own with discussions of phrases such as super architectural space and zero degree architecture yet the roots of theory remain embedded in Lefebvres work throughoutThe book and ideas however never come across as derivative Borden is unflinchingly thorough in contextually examining the origins devices sub cultures and interpretations of the city that are uniue to skaters and skateboarding that this remains truly his own work Skateboarding Space and the City performs well as not only an architectural companion but as a history of skateboarding a memorandum on city subcultures and a discussion on culture claiming public space This is backed up again with Lefebvre and his theory of right to the city Skateboarders implicitly realize the importance of the streets and neglected architecture as a place to act In London this has been typified by skaters adoption of the under croft of the South Bank it s angled banks at once on display yet hidden beneath the high art cultural centre thus turning its discarded orms into a significant social spaceBorden 2001 p188The relevance of this work to examining cultural infrastructures in the public realm is personified by one Of The Most Fascinating Spaces In London Southbank Skate Park the most Fifty Years In Constantinople And Recollections Of Robert College fascinating spaces in London Southbank skate park once uninteresting location exists in the left over space between the south embankment that appeared during London s clean up and sanitation programme and the cultural arts centre that waved a monumentallag The Elements Of In Between for the Festival of Britain Little than a collection of banks and supporting structureor the building overhead this area has beco. Skateboarding is both a sport and a way of life Creative physical graphic urban and controversial it is ull of contradictions – a billion dollar global industry which still retains its vibrant counter cultural heartSkateboarding and the City presents the only complete hist. Skateboarding and the City