[Monsters and Monstrosity in Jewish History] EBOOK / PDF

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Monsters and Monstrosity in Jewish HistoryAl and to tackle concerns about religious ersecution assimilation and acculturation gender and sexuality science and technology and "The Rise Of AntisemitismBringing Together An Cast Of Contributors "rise of antisemitismBringing together an impressive of contributors around the world this fascinating volume is an invaluable resource for academics ostgraduates and advanced undergraduates interested in Jewish studies as well as the history of monste. Et outsiders to it For this reason they were erceived IN TERMS OF OTHERNESS AND WERE terms of otherness and were represented as monstrous beings However at the same time European Jews invoked with tantalizing ubiuity images of magical terrifying "AND HYBRID BEINGS IN THEIR TEXTS "hybrid beings in their texts and folktales These images were used by Jewish authors and artists to ush back against their own identification as monstrous or diabolic. ,
This is the first study of monstrosity in Jewish history from the Middle Ages to modernity Drawing on Jewish history literary studies Middle Ages to modernity Drawing on Jewish history literary studies art history and history of science "It Examines Both The "examines both the depiction of Jews as monsters and the creative use of beings in Jewish cultureJews have occupied a liminal osition within European society and culture being deeply immersed