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The Cloak of Golden SymbolsI realize it s kids AND NOT THE IN and not the first in series I that into account when I was reading it I have read a lot of books for younger children and most of them ulled it off better than this one didThere were a lot of times while I was reading it that it felt like the writer was Make This Model Castle purposely opening dialogue so that she couldut in random facts and sure it might be relevant for the time but it wasn t needed and it left a bad taste as if she was determined to show us how smart sh. The second in a trilogy of magic fantasy adventure In The Cloak of Golden Symbols Anna returns to her grandfather's home and studio for another summer She is excited to spend her time with Stephano the neighbour's son exploring the magical world of things The Cleverest Person In The World past Through their adventure into secret worlds theair makes exciting discoveries about ancient cultures and how they navigated their lives Like Secrets of the Painted Door the first in the serie. ,

E was or how much research she didThere were sections of the book that were just not needed It layed no Singapore Math Practice Level 6a Grade 7 part in advancing the story at all like theirate ship and honestly the story itself The search for the Singapore Math Practice Level 5a Grade 6 purple gold to keep it from the bad guy was resolved without the main characters being their at all Getting the kidnapped child out they weren t needed some cats were but not themThe characters were really boring the kids were not interesting at all the adults were dim witted ineffe. S this bookairs well with curriculum for Grades 5 and 6 in Ontario and BC delving into ancient cultures science and art in a way that is fun for young readers Pepper Couelle Sterling infuses the ages of The Cloak of Golden Symbols with Sterling infuses the ages of The Cloak of Golden Symbols with assion for art and art history Her love of life in all its beautiful complexity breathes energy into Anna's latest uest Here learning is adventure It is my hope that the brave and brilliant Anna and her sideki. .

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Ctive and easily forgotten You were always told the solution to every Sugar Secrets Love problem about aage before the roblem came up at told the solution to every roblem about a Tammy Wynette page before theroblem came up at Tomorrow the only thing I will remember at all about this book is how much it didn t stand out in any way shape or form I m still on Leonardo s ship with Anna and Stefano This is a book with lots of history and art but mostly with a celebration of the way that children and artists hold the moment in such bright focus that the everyday becomes magical Children who Ck Stephano will inspire a whole generation of art loversAngie AbdouAs an adult I don't usually read children's books But as a life long rofessional writer and educator I sometimes step out of my ordinary reading habits just to broaden my scope Thus I read Secrets of the Painted Door an intriguing blend of young adult magic fantasy adventure with a healthy infusion of history science and culture artfully interwoven to teach while entertainingJon Tu.