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Senior Moments jAgain I absolutely loved the narration by Ms Sokolov The Irish brogue that was varied between characters was nicely contrasted with Josie s American accent I felt as if I was in Ireland Though I enjoyed the romanticourney between Declan and Josie their bedroom activities were a little intense than the previous novels which was a bit disconcerting to me However it was done well and handled with all consents and emotion that conveyed the passion behind it all Though the balance of the story felt a bit off I still balance of the story felt a bit off I still it and look forward to reading in the series Once again I m excited to have the opportunity to listen to a book from one of my favorite series Bound by Bronwyn Green and Jessica Jarman This time around I m listening to the Third Book The Professor S Student By book The Professor s Student by Green The story centers around Professor Josie Green an AMERICAN ARCHEOLOGY PROFESSOR WHO IS ON A SIX WEEK archeology professor who is on a six week dig in Ireland at Professor Declan O Shaughnessy s site The pair have instant chemistry and engaging in a monogamous Ds relationship for the duration of her stayWhen I initially read and reviewed the book I wroteThe Professor s Student falls well within the erotic romance genre with a focus in the bedroom and less out of it I really like Declan and Josie and their play is sexy fun and ust plain hot Ms Green is a master at crafting sexy sensual scenes While I missed some of the emotional moments that I enjoyed in the previous Bound stories I still found The Professor s Student a wonderful read and a perfect low conflict getaway storyAs for The professor becomes the student and the subject is submissionSix weeks in Ireland on a Bronze Age archeological dig is exactly what Josie Cooper needs She loves teaching but fieldwork is where her heart is and working with Professor Declan O’Shaghnessy is a dream come trueuntil she meets the man Declan is brilliant gorgeous and unapologetically arrogant By the end of the first week Josie is ready to push him into the Atlantic Unfortunately annoyance doesn’t stop her physical reactio.

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The Professors Student Bound #3H accent I could close my eyes and hear this man speak in my head Josie is an independent strong willed woman who is not afraid to take The chemistry is hot steamy willed woman who is not afraid to take chances The is hot steamy kinky in this must read BDSM romance Josie Green an American archeology professor is on a six week summer dig in Ireland at Professor Declan O Shaughnessy s site While Josie finds Declan utterly attractive she thinks he is a perfectionist erk However after a night of drinking too much Josie lets Declan know ust how much she wants him and the pair begins a Ds relationship intending to end once Josie leaves Ir WowThere s so much heat between Declan and Josie I finished the audio in one day Once I started this story I wasn t able to stop until I got to the end Declan and Josie were a perfect match This book had a ton of heat and only a little bit of angst I loved the chemistry between Declan and Josie Josie is smart strong and a force to be reckoned with I love strong female leads and Josie is definitely that I m loving this series and I can t wait to read Audio review This is a great book The narrator has a fantastic accent And the story is hot and sexy It starts off exciting right from the get go And Doesn T Stop doesn t stop was as good in audible as it was to read HOT Sizzling The narrator was uite good I didn t even feel icky when she whispered Open for me in the lovely deep Irish lilt she adopted for Declan s voice Nicely done I had so much fun narrating this There s a lot of uirky characters Irish accents passion and a great setting What s not to enjoy. S that Josephine returns his interest And when an opportunity to act on that attraction as well as explore her submission presents itself he umps at it taking complete controlFor the next five weeks Josie agrees to submit to Declan His instruction awakens needs she didn’t know she possessed and she learns about desire and herself than she would have thought possible But what happens when their time is over and Josie has to give up being his student to go back to being the professor aga. He storyline my feelings haven t changed I really enjoyed the story and I continued to feel like the book is passion and eroticism than love Josie and Declan spend much of their time apart or only in the bedroom and I wanted to be shown not told that they bonded on a deeper level With that said Tatiana Sokolov s performance added a lot of value to my overall enjoyment of the story Ms Sokolov s narrative voice which is close to if not the same as Josie s voice is easy and fitting Her Irish accented male voice FOR DECLAN IS SUPERB I WAS Declan is superb I was impressed with constancy and tone of narration throughout the book Ms Sokolov brings a lot of emotion Josie s embarrassment and shy desire as well as Declan s dominating nature into her performanceIn the end I enjoyed my reread of The Professor s Student and found that I liked it a bit the second time around Ms Sokolov adds much to the story with her performanceStory BNarration A The audible version of this was great The book was great I loved the storyline and the super steamy scenes Not my cup of tea The Professor s student is one of the best stories I have read all year Bronwyn Green has a gift to weaving a beautiful story that will not only suck you into the pages but leave you wanting Declan O Shaughnessy and Josie Cooper are two colleagues working on an archaeological dig site in Ireland who discover after one night of too much whiskey they are attracted to each other Let s start By Saying Declan O saying Declan O is literally drool worthy from his confident attitude down to his Iris. N to him Nor does it stop the way every accidental touch between them makes her crave More of his hands on her skin More of his lilting voice in her earKnowing Josephine Cooper’s reputation in the archeology world Declan was thrilled that she’d accepted his invitation to work the dig However he hadn’t counted on his overwhelming attraction to the American professor Though he tries to maintain his distance and keep things professional between them that plan goes to hell when he learn. .